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Texas Valve & Fitting Co.

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Energy Emissions Survey

Energy Emissions Survey

The Lowdown on Leaks

Texas Valve & Fitting Co. offers an Energy Emissions Survey to identify leaks within our customers' plants. Leaks can damage equipment, hurt production, cause product contamination, and create unsafe working conditions and other health hazards.

If that is not motivation enough to engage in proactive leak detection and prevention programs, fluid loss is also expensive. According to a study conducted by the Energy Department's Office of Industrial Technologies, even something as simple as a 1/4" diameter leak of compressed air can cost as much as $8,382 a year. Our Energy Emissions Survey will provide increased safety and reduced costs within your facility.

What to expect from an Energy Emissions Survey:

  • Our experts will tour your plant and examine equipment for leakage
  • They will take an in depth look at your specific processes to understand your needs
  • Each leak found will be tagged for easy identification
  • At the end of the survey we will provide you with a report of the lost energy - and lost profits
Contact Texas Valve & Fitting Co. to schedule your Energy Emissions Survey at 214.221.6000 or email